A Plea to Lactivists

Saying “breast is best,” though well-intentioned and admittedly catchy, is not supportive. It’s divisive and unproductive.


The Unique Needs of Drug-Dependent Mothers and their Newborns

This incident isn’t going to make national news, but it highlights the terrible intersection of drug abuse and motherhood. In Ventnor City, NJ, a 31-year-old woman allegedly injured her 8-month-old daughter when she rolled over onto her while laying in bed. At the time, the mother was under the influence of drugs, specifically heroin, oxycodone and…

From the Mouths of Mothers

One of, if not the single most, influential women in any young feminists’ life most likely will never grace the covers of any magazine. She will, more likely than not, never receive any public praise for the things she’s accomplished in her life, let alone any kind of positive impact she left. Regardless of the…