A Plea to Lactivists

Saying “breast is best,” though well-intentioned and admittedly catchy, is not supportive. It’s divisive and unproductive.


An Open Life

I had been foolish, once again, to let my heart be torn open by men. My mother had warned me about this once. Strict, autocratic, with a tinge of neuroticism dyed into her every nerve, she had ruled over my household with an iron fist. No wonder – she had escaped communist China with her…

The Other Side of Teaching Kids About Consent

I’ve seen a spate of articles shared recently on social media on the topic of teaching children about consent. The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21 was especially thorough and offered practical tips for parents. The foundation is basic, early, and ongoing respect for children’s bodies and their right to say no to things…