Restoring 2016: A Playlist

2016 seems to have been a bit of a write off. Responsible for unsettling change in politics and some pretty tragic losses, this year has left many swamped in a dense feeling of despair and uncertainty. In the midst of 2016’s disappointment, some of the women in the music game have been stirring up some…

Credit: Laura Wilson

Q&A: Colour Me Wednesday, DIY Punk With Feminist Roots

Meet Colour Me Wednesday, a five-piece female fronted band from West London, England. They’re a political pop punk/indie pop band from West London, England. Sisters Jen Doveton and Harriet Doveton founded the band. Their vibe is DIY, with a message of “totally vegan and totally against any oppressive capitalist bullshit”. They consist of Jen on lead vocals, Harriet…


Qais Essar: Tavern of Ruin

Tavern of Ruin is a collection of orphic sentiments formed throughout years of built-up personal documentation. Qais Essar unfurls the human ego and its delicate presence within a vast space while creating a sound that feels almost tangible—but not quite. It’s like cupping sunlight in the palm of your hands and wishing that the warmth…

Kesha: A Bridge to Truth

*Trigger Warning: descriptions of sexual abuse On Friday, February 19th, a New York judge denied pop singer Kesha’s injunction against former music producer Dr. Luke. Part of an ongoing legal battle since October 2014, Kesha is suing Lukasz Gottwald, known as “Dr. Luke,” for a decade of sexual, physical, verbal and emotional abuse, which allegedly began…

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How A Series of Tweets by Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors Caused a Domino Effect of Sexual Assault Survivors

On Monday night, Amber Coffman from Dirty Projectors spoke out on Twitter about an incident in which music publicist Heathcliff Berru sexually assaulted her. Was just re-telling/re-remembering a story abt how a very popular music publicist RUBBED my ass and BIT my hair at a bar a couple years ago — Amber Coffman (@Amber_Coffman) January 19,…


A Latina Heroes Playlist

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15) so what better way to celebrate than by checking out some great feminist Latina and Hispanic artists! From Tejano Goddess Selena to punk rockers Las Kellies, these women show the wonderful diversity within Hispanic music.