Bitchtopia Needs YOU!

Hello to all the lovely “bitches with a cause!” We wanted to take a mini break from bringing you coverage on latest events, thought-provoking poetry, etc to remind you of something crucial. Something that makes Bitchtopia what it is today. YOU. We love and thrive off of your submissions. We want to feature your work,…


Art and Bitchtopia

If you’ve been following any of our social media sites during the past few weeks, then you know about our newest venture: a merch store! Happy Thanksgiving, to our American readers! Though we don’t support the ways in which the Thanksgiving tradition started, we wanted to take this moment and thank you all for reading.…

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Best Tweets of the Week

  Happy weekend bitches! We love all your tweets so every week, we pick a few of our favorites…our #FaveziesTweetzies! This week’s picks are from @katrinaspice, @ilavay0u, @verylemonade ,@yesallwomen, and @raddiane! Follow us @Bitchtopiamag for a chance to have YOUR tweets featured next time!


For All of Your Bitchtopia Needs!

If you ever find yourself wanting more  updates on all things Bitchtopia, look no further! We’re here to save the social media day. You can follow us on Tumblr to bless your dashboard with Bitchtopia updates and more.   If you’re into expressing yourself in 125 characters or less, you’re in luck! We’re on Twitter…

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Greed & Bittersweet

Greed  As I wander through the paths of life I haven’t the slightest thought of what will come next Faster I walk but the road is slightly smaller Until I come across a small peek in the rock I crawl under it only to find a brooch I approach the mysterious clip For I do…