Bitchtopia Evolves: Rose Water Magazine

Bitchtopia Magazine was started as a college project, looking to give feminist voices a platform to educate. We’ve shared important literature, interviewed inspiring women, published moving art, and offered up a feminist prospective that readers could relate to. You may be asking, why change it?

Though Bitchtopia has seen immense success since its inception, it’s time for us to graduate. We’ve been published by NY Post, Huffington Post, Bustle, and more. We’ve seen our editors and writers move on to Ivy League programs. We’ve hosted lectures at universities around the US. Each of our contributors, editors, and social media mavens have worked extremely hard and have seen so much personal growth. It’s only fair that our publication grow with them.

Rose Water Magazine will still be feminist. We hope that our art and commentary through the feminist lens will trickle down and nurture and educate our readers. Rose Water will be intersectional, thought-provoking, and creative.



With more funding, we will be able to hold workshops for our current and new contributors and also offer them compensation for their published work.   Our funding will also be used to compensate our editors and social media team. We also hope to have more live events in our future, and have opportunities take this online community of smart feminist folks offline. Mostly, we’re excited to continue our journey in harboring a positive place for people to create art through the feminist critique.

That is why we’re asking that you support our contributors, editors, and social media mavens by donating as little as $10.

Our main goal is to pay our team members. So many writers, artists, and thinkers issue unpaid work for the sake of exposure. Each published work should be compensated and that is something I would like to guarantee for each person who submits their work. We plan to focus more on publishing more quality work, which may mean publishing less often than Bitchtopia had in the past, but only showcasing the best of the best and pay those who often get shortchanged in the name of art.

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