Girls’ Night Out

Hello bitches and everyone else on the internet! Due to the time constrains of my current “real life” job, I unfortunately have to take an indefinite hiatus from being a contributor to Bitchtopia Magazine. Thank you everyone for your support over the past year, and I look forward to coming back, when I do, with plenty of fresh ideas to share. Enjoy this short poem of mine! Xoxo.

i do a poem about my gender,
beg the audience to name me
neutral, hand me over an identity
i can wear comfortably in front
of everyone who has reason to
speak it. how good it is that
i have a younger sister—my
grandmother got her girl
grandchild; my father can still
say “daughter” without a
dead language’s wince. after
the show, my best friend
tells me i was great; how
glad she is we did this

girls’ night out.


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